Meet Xoom – the core staking protocol

Xoom is a core Staking Protocol with innovative features such as: Multidimensional and Exclusive Pools, Timelock, Deflationary, Anti-Whale, Virtual Pool, Sports Staking, Bond Staking, Score, Gamified Requirements, DAO and more…

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Features Available

Multi-features Integrated

The enhanced way to use integrated DeFi tools

User Journey Oriented

The unique DeFi dApp prepared to mass adoption

Multidimensional Pools

Staking Pools offering many dimensions to earn

Fast, Reliable and Secure

The single point to stake and earn passive income for DeFi


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Vault Governance DAO

The state of art in Decentralized Security for DeFi Funds

Virtual Pool

A risk free staking strategy. You don’t need to deposit your tokens to earn passive income.

Time Lock

An intelligent time-lock staking with liquidity lock strategy. A long-term passive income.


Deflating a Xoom token is using them with utility in a complete ecosystem to earn money.

Sports Staking

Our Sports booking staking is a revolutionay way to put money to work without betting.

Play to Earn Staking

You can earn playing fun mini games without spending so much time and money.

Gamified Staking

Gamified means ways to maximize your investments executing tasks to earn points.


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Xoom is an important step in DeFi staking
with professionalism and features that
solve passive income needs

Questions and answers


How does Xoom works?

Xoom is the 1st DeFi Staking Protocol innovative where each pool is multidimensional for exclusive ways to earn passive income


Is the Xoom Multichain?

Yes, since the inception Xoom features are delivery for major Blockchain networks


What’s the Xoom governance and passive earn token?

XOOM is the official and main tokens in all staking pools available in their ecosystem

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  • – Revolutionizing Core Staking in the DeFi Space

    Discover how is leading a revolution in Core Staking with its multidimensional features, changing the game in the DeFi world. Understanding and Its Role in the DeFi Revolution is a groundbreaking Core Staking protocol that’s shaking up the DeFi space. With innovative features like multidimensional and exclusive pools, timelock, deflationary mechanics, anti-whale…


  • Hello Xoom

    Welcome to Xoom! The Xoom vision of the foundation team: To be the main staking protocol for all important passive income crypto assets. Through exclusive pools, characterized by custom flows and dynamic gains, Xoom will revolutionize the form of passive gain in DeFi. Exclusive pools are smart contracts programmed to meet real user demand needs.…


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